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You can use poEdit.

Getting Started with poEdit

Download and install poEdit
Go to storesmart/languages/sh-themes.pot

The poEdit screen

Open the file in poEdit.
The box labeled(1) is the original message (in English) from the POT file. The box labeled (2) is where you add your translation. Boxes labeled (3) and (4) are used for adding comments about the messages.
These come in handy if you are working with a team of translators and would like to pass around ideas through the PO file.
Go to FileSave as… to save your translations in a PO file.
When you are finished translating, go to FileSave as… again to generate the MO file.
Or you can set your poEdit to always compile a MO file when saving changes by clicking FilePreferences and on the Editor tab check the Automatically compile .mo file on save box.

Where to place your translation files

storesmart/languages/language_COUNTRY.po (e.g. nl_NL.po for dutch)
storesmart/languages/ (e.g. for dutch)

For multilingual support you can use WPML (our theme is fully compatible with the plugin) or other multilingual plugins.

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